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  Amusements business   Code#7192

                           Price: $35,000     Sales: $3,000

             Profile: Established in 2011

  Bakery Facility-Kentucky Code#2701

Price: $595,000       Sales: $630,000

Profile: Extermely protable facility with factory and 2 retail locations.

  Auto Parts Store-Colorado Code#9701

Price:  $299,000 (51% ownership)          Sales: $900,000
Profile: Full Service store established in 1928. Owner is retiring. Great Cash Flow.

  Pastry Shop-Indiana    Code#7651

                           Price: $375,000     Sales: $270,000

             Profile: Established in 1929, Historic Monument

   Cabinet Shop-Oregon Code#503218

                                                    Price: $240,000       Sales: $260,000

                  Profile: Custom Cabinetry Residential & Commercial

   Home Furnishings-Oregon Code#503214

                                                           Price: $900,000     Sales: $1,000,000+
                         Profile: "One Stop Shop" Family owned since 1955. Great Cash Flow!


   Espresso Shop-Nevada Code#7175

                                                      Price: $260,000    Sales: $170,000

        Profile: Only one of two drive thru's in growing area 


    C-Store/Texaco-Utah Code#80173

                                                 Price: $498,000      Sales: $2,000,000+

          Profile: C-Store, Texaco Gas, Bulk Fuel & Fuel Delivery


   Quick Lube-Washington Code#206123

                                     Price: $352,000     Sales: $140,000

       Profile: Most trusted lube facility in town, great location 

   Blimpie Subs-Arizona Code#60228

                        Price: $185,000 Sales: $185,000

        Profile: Beautiful franchise store, 1/4 mile to London Bridge

      Auto Parts-Alaska Code#9802

                          Price: $690,000 Sales: $1,319,000

                       Profile: Profitable store, owner retiring


                                                        Price: $200,000 Sales: $180,000

            Profile: Great little town, huge bulding room to expand


    Bike Shop-Oregon Code#503215

                            Price: $325,000 Sales: $35,000

                    Profile: Sales, Service, Repairs, KHS Bikes

   Pet Shop/Supplies-Oregon Code#503224

                              Price: $265,000 Sales: $372,000 

                   Profile: Pet Shop, Supplies, pond & garden supply

 Frame/Axle Shop-WashingtonCode#206118

                               Price: $1,200,000 Sales: $400,000

                      Profile: Premier frame/axle shop in the County


 Auto Commercial-Washington Code#206122

               Price: $800,000 Sales: Contact Owner 

           Profile: Property, Buildings and Rentals



 Printer products-Idaho Code#20831

                   Price: $300,000 Sales: $240,000 

               Profile: HP Authorized Provider


  Ice Cream Parlor-Oregon Code#503216

                            Price: $138,000 Sales: $150,000 

            Profile: "Old Fashioned" Ice Cream Parlor, great town


        Hobby Shop-Oregon Code#503227

                       Price: $115,000 Sales: $175,000 

          Profile: Unique shop with wide selection of inventory

Businesses For Sale
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