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4 Ways storytelling helps your SEO

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Storytelling and SEO may feel like an odd couple, but the fact is that they have more in common than one might think. Storytelling may give unexpectedly good results on even visibility in search engines!


What are the advantages of combining storytelling and SEO?

1. Improved click-through-rate through brand awareness

If you have previously brought a visitor’s interest through storytelling, they will recognise your brand. That makes them more likely to click on a business in Google’s search results when you turn up there, and you get higher click-through-rate (CTR). It is not just a keyword’s position that determines if a visitor clicks on your site. If a visitor recognise your brand, it is likely that they will choose you over a competitor as they do not recognise, even though the competitor has a better position in a certain keyword.


2. Maintain visitor interest

When you got a visitor to their site where you’d like them to stay! If you can catch a visitor with an interesting story, they will stay until they finish. This benefits your SEO work when Google sees that the visitor came to the relevant content, and you will likely be rewarded with better visibility.


3. Link Value from division-friendly content

As you may know, the link value is an important ranking factor. That is how many credible external domains that link to your page. You can storytelling help you get more links. By incorporating an emotional level through storytelling, visitors will remember your brand and be more likely to link to you from their own blogs and pages. We do like everyone to share a good story!


4. Better reach for your storys

There are not only advantages for SEO benefit of using storytelling, without SEO work can also help your storytelling work. We have all been through that we wrote something really good, but traffic not occur and the story raises as well as not. Here, good SEO help. Make sure your story is equipped with a good text formatting in the form of clear paragraphing, interesting headlines and gladly lists. Also, write good meta title and meta-description and mark the page images with alt attributes. This will increase the chances of visibility of your story.


Where can you use SEO Storytelling?


  • product Descriptions

If you are driving e-commerce, you have a golden opportunity to implement SEO Storytelling in your product descriptions. Describe how your product solves a problem and does it with a twinkle in his eye. A visitor who you got to smile will most certainly return.

  • Company Presentation

A company presentation or About Us page is often very boring. Take this opportunity to tell you something about the company that touches! For example, let the staff tell you about the company, or maybe one of your customers? With storytelling, you will awaken feelings of your brand. Combine text, images, video and quotes to create the right feeling.

  • Campaign

Use storytelling to turn you into a new market. As you probably know, it may take time to increase their visibility on Google in a new area, but using storytelling to enhance the SEO set as speeding up the process. By creating sharing-friendly content you get valuable natural links to the new category or business area and visibility gets a kick start.

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