Take care of your lawn in the fall

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When the summer starts drawing to a close, it’s easy to stop cutting the grass and just let it grow. But it is equally important to take care of the grass during autumn chillier days.

– Are you taking care of the lawn in the autumn, you get a greener lawn much earlier in the spring and help to prevent the fungal diseases that can occur. It is also important to ensure that the grass has a high content of potassium. During the winter freeze grass and when needed potassium.

Prepare lawn in September

  • Clean and rake the lawn thoroughly in the fall
  • Autumn Fertilise the lawn once or twice in September-October. Make sure to use fertiliser with high potassium content and contains low nitrogen content (below 4%).
  • Is it a dry autumn? Then you should water the lawn and then. Otherwise, you do not irrigate at all during the fall.

First frost – then it is time to let the lawn to be left alone

As soon as the first frost has come it is time to stop walking on the lawn. Do you go on the lawn now and in the winter is broken blades of grass, resulting in the lawn will get trampled yellow spots when the snow melts away into spring.

Make a last jolt in October

  • Watering with iron sulphate – this prevents mold and fungal diseases.
  • Raking mat if you still have needles and leaves on the carpet.
  • Make the last mowings of the carpet – Raise the cutting height of 10-15 mm and use any collector.

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