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To go out and pick a bouquet of wild flowers part of the summer. There is little craft to get to their own flower meadow with clover, poppies and daisies but it is well worth it.

In the old days would meadows provide food for the animals, now it is not as common. But the sweet flower meadows are beautiful and easy to care for, so why not build one around the summer cottage? They attract insects and provides a wonderful summer feeling.

Consider this:

1. Inspect the ground

Before you start – inspect the ground and watch what is the type of soil. Is the soil moist or dry? What plants are likely to thrive?

The basis for getting a really nice flower meadow is holding back the industry so that the grass does not grow too high and spreading. If you intend to replenish the earth, do not use arable soil that contains a lot of weeds.

2. Clear out the weeds

Start by clearing the site of weeds. Wait two to three weeks before you sow. As the time the weed seeds present in the soil to germinate and you can easily remove them. When meadow flowers have established themselves keep the weeds away easily. Ideally, of course, to let the meadow lie fallow for a year to get rid of the really pesky weeds. But it is also possible to skip that stage.

The best soil is poor in nutrients, humus soil mixed with sand. Pure sandy soil, add the unfertilized peat or compost gräsfri. Clay soil mixed with coarse gravel.

3. Select seed with care

But it is also possible to plant the wild plants. It is best done in the fall. Flowers that can be planted in the forest, for example, clover, meadow violets, buttercups and viper’s bugloss.

4. Combine with weeds

For an area of ​​100 square meters – use 100 grams FLOWER SEED and 500-800 grams grass seed. Mylla the seeds with a rake and then flat to the ground with a shovel. If you sow in May-June, you must be prepared to water before the seeds germinate.

There are also various carpets with seeds of meadow flowers that just can not roll.

5. Turn the meadow with a scythe

Fertilise not your field of flowers, it is very important!

Then turn the meadow with the scythe – or with brush cutter – in late summer. Then let the hay remain for the plants to be set seed. If you do not hit the meadow, the late-flowering species to die out gradually.

Then remove the grass in the fall and cut with the mower. Then a chance to get to and you can a blooming meadow from early spring to late summer. Do not allow the clip to remain for a long time, then decompose and fertilize the soil.

Let other hand, leaves linger and protect the plants. They also contain much needed nourishment. Raking in the spring before the wood anemones comes up. But do not take all the leaves – some are good for earthworm munching on.

It thus takes a few years before you get a well-functioning of flowers. But it can be worth it!

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